Joseph P. Johnson, MSIE
26 Tattan Farm Road
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone:     (508) 753-2976
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Master of Science in Internet Engineering
Persons School - Marlboro College, 2001
Brattleboro, Vermont
Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Urban Affairs
Bridgewater State College, 1978
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Experience Highlights:

Solution Designer for the Solutions Group at UPS (Retired 02/28/2011)

Respected member of the United Parcel Service (UPS) organization from 09/28/1978 to 02/28/2011.

Utilizing .NET in new solutions.

802.11 network deployment.

Designed XML interfaces between SAP, WorldShip, NextLinx and EDI for
a global supply chain solution.

Prototype new and innovative design ideas, and provide analysis and
support for new projects at UPS Professional Services Inc. a wholly owned
subsidiary of United Parcel Service.

Designed, developed and implemented The Enterprise intranet Shipping System
(EiSS) as part of a small team.

Developed supply chain solutions and utilities. Solutions
include integrating electronic scales, modems, bar code, PDA's,
PDT's, wireless, and Internet applications with
customers' legacy information systems.

Implement package tracking and rates selection using UPS XML Tools, UPS's
XML API on the Web and integrated into desktop applications.

Pioneered the automation of high volume billing file transfers via
multi-port modems and the Internet (FTP and HTTP) from client-server
shipping applications.

Designed and implemented multiple phone-Line data transfer solutions with
DigiPort multi-port adapters and Custom Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

Responsible for the maintenance and performance of the package
sorting and truckload movement control system
at New Englands largest full time package sorting facility in
1991-92 and during peak seasons for two more years.

Project Manager for the West New England implementation and training for a nation
wide client-server system project that controls the tracking and routing of
packages and trailers.

Supervised the Northeast Region, UPS Label Imaging Project. Captured and
transmitted over 300,000 label images a day into the UPS tracking system.

Supervised the Unload and Sort operation at New England's biggest
full time sorting facility for four years 1985 through 1989. During this
time the number of supervisors needed to manage this shift was reduced from
3 managers and 8 supervisors to two supervisors without increasing the
number of hourly workers required to perform the same amount of work.

Participated in the early trials of the computer aided loop dispatch system
as a part time supervisor of a delivery truck loading operation in
1984. Provided feedback directly to programmers.

Prepared the 5 year School Enrollment Projections as a consultant for the
town of Abington, Massachusetts in 1982.

Updated the 5 year Open Space and Recreation Plan as a consultant for
Abington, Massachusetts in 1982

Prepared the 5 year Open Space and Recreation Plan as a consultant for
Whitman, Massachusetts in 1981

As a Graduate Student at Bridgewater State College I used MS Basic to
analyze solar energy data during my work on energy policy in 1980.

As an undergraduate research assistant, I analyzed housing survey data with
the S.P.S.S. program using Fortran on a CDC 2000 mainframe computer at the
Bridgewater State College Data Center in 1977.

Languages and Programming Environments:

MS BASIC, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, Java, Perl, HTML, HTTP, VBScript, VBA,
Java Script, XML, XSLT, Satellite Forms for the Palm Pilot, Visual Studio,
CVS, Source Safe, XMLSpy, PHP, Zend Studio, C#, VB.NET

Operating Systems:

DOS 3.x +, Win 3.x, Win 9.x, Win NT 4.0, Win 2000, XP, 7, Red Hat Linux 6+,
Sun OS 5.6, Palm OS 3.x, DESKview 386


Microsoft SQLServer 6.5 - 2008, Access 97 -2010, MySQL, ODBC, Perl DBI,

Hobbies and interests:

My children's activities
Electronic gadget building and experimentation
Supporting local artists, musicians, and theatre groups
Keeping up with the future of technology

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